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Small Town Churches

When I first began my historic church column, I fell in love with the people, history and that unique presence that lives inside these heavenly havens. I’ll never forget my first assignment hauling all kinds of gear including my recorder, camera bag, tripod and notebook. It was the beginning of a new calling, a passion […]

The Power of Storytelling

Ten Primary Points of Speaking Presentations I’ve noted before I’m a non-fiction writer concentrating more on creative nonfiction. A key part in writing, whether fiction or non fiction, is storytelling. That same skill set can follow through from your writing to your presentations. I’m fortunate because I’m a photographer and use photography prominently in my […]

Charming Charleston

Charming Charleston Historic churches and cemeteries around every corner By Deborah Burst Looking out my 12-story corner suite in the heart of downtown Charleston, a perfect rainbow stretches from the bay to the sea forming a halo above this sacred city. It was truly a magical moment and a sign of things to come with […]

Skip’s Lonely Road to Heaven

  Just weeks before my brother died of AIDS in 1987, he went to DC to protest more money for AIDS research. That trip shortened his life dramatically. I’ll never forget that day with tears streaming down his face he said, “In 20 years AIDS won’t be a death sentence, and we won’t be second […]

Self Publishing 101 links

Many first time authors seeking to get published have often asked where to begin. As I continue to post blogs on this subject, I thought it wise to post a page of just links. This will help you get started on the education process. Like any endeavor, there’s a learning curve and the internet and […]

Top Ten Signs You’re a Writer

With the advent of social media and the virtual community, I have been approached several times on what is the definition of a writer. Or more adeptly put the question, “Read this, am I a worthy writer?” A sensible question, exactly what determines your destiny as a writer? We certainly don’t begin writing as a […]

Self-publishing tips

Hello my fellow aspiring authors, First let me give you a quick background. I’m a freelance writer/author/photographer, and this is my second career after I freed myself from the bondage of corporate Hell. I returned to college when my children were in high school and finished my degree from Tulane University in New Orleans with […]

A Chance Encounter in NYC

So often the story behind the story is never told, and sometimes the backstory trumps the actual article. Serendipity, persistence, maybe N’Awlins voodoo…but if you ask Hoda Kotb, she believes it was pure karma. It all began when my daughter, Julie, and I traveled to New York City for the first time.