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In addition to being an author, freelance writer and photographer, I am a professional speaker. I’m available for seminars, conferences, book clubs, literary groups, and non-profit groups. I discuss options for writers who wish to be published, be it short stories, novels or nonfiction books such as memoirs, children’s books and cookbooks.

I also offer a very colorful and animated presentation featuring my published books. The lecture accompanies a vivid trail including photographs from my book. I share the journey and encourage others to embark on the same trail of discovery.

Those who would like to subscribe to my newsletter may also email me and I’ll put you on my list. My newsletter features links to up-to-date marketing tools that promote books and build your audience. In addition I’ll include links to videos, webinars and podcasts from successful authors around the world. And eventually my own videos from churches and cemeteries across the state and beyond. There will also be photos from my latest travels in doing research for my next Louisiana’s Sacred Places book.

Lots to talk about and lots to share. After all, you, my readers, are my inspiration and I want to hear from you. Your suggestions, what do you like, would you like to see in the next book.

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