Self Publishing 101 links

Many first time authors seeking to get published have often asked where to begin. As I continue to post blogs on this subject, I thought it wise to post a page of just links. This will help you get started on the education process. Like any endeavor, there’s a learning curve and the internet and author family has lots to share.

Listed below are some of my favorite links.

Links and resources:

Resources in writing, self-publishing, marketing and entrepreneurial tasks

Joanna Penn also has several books available including How to Market a Book, which I have read, Public Speaking, Business for Authors, and Career Change. Tutorials: How to Publish a Book 101, 7 Worst Mistakes Indie Authors and How to Fix Them. 

Joanna Penn,

Video book trailers


Indie Editor, Todd Barselow

Todd’s Indie press is Auspicious Apparatus Press, he accepts manuscript submissions from all over the world,


On Demand Print options

Amazon Create Space,

Lulu self-publishing,

Graphic Designer

Myra Beckman
creative director
Beckman Design

Bulk Print

Four Colour Print Group

Bekah Rhoads

Four Colour Print Group

Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: 502-640-5552


Contact to transfer your word document to a EPUB format (many eBook stores), MOBI/KF8 format (for Amazon), and a special EPUB for Smashwords.

Paul Salvette

Managing Director

BB eBooks


Creating Books through blogs

Nina Amir


Highly recommend local small press for first book. In Louisiana, River Road Press is a good choice.

Scott Campbell, Publisher

River Road Press LLC