Top Ten Signs You’re a Writer

With the advent of social media and the virtual community, I have been approached several times on what is the definition of a writer. Or more adeptly put the question, “Read this, am I a worthy writer?”

A sensible question, exactly what determines your destiny as a writer? We certainly don’t begin writing as a toddler, and although there are other artistic endeavors that do show an early propensity of talent such as art, music, dancing or even singing, writing is not one of them.

So what are the indications that you are a good writer?

Here’s my list, and please make note, they are not all inclusive. I have seen complete opposite personalities in famous writers. Some may only own one of what I consider the qualifications of a talented writer.

1. You are a storyteller, most likely were born that way, and the story often grows as it’s repeated.

2. You are blessed/cursed with a mind that never stops. Something as simple as a relaxing shower can soon morph into a bloodbath of drama as your body relaxes and your mind takes control.

3. You have trouble sleeping. The characters or writing won’t stop, it’s as if you have multiple personalities.

4. You have a notepad on your night stand and take notes after waking from vivid dreams.

5. Driving is never a dull moment as the scenery begins to tell a story. Before you know it, your mind is reciting the prose, setting the scene in words.

6. You are constantly reinventing descriptive nouns and action verbs and you have a list of descriptive nouns and action verbs.

7. When out in public every sound, smell and casual conversation conjures a story.

8. While watching movies or television, you listen to the dialog more intently. You become more aware of the screenwriters than special effects.

9. You love to read and feel lost without a stack of books haunting you on the night stand, bookcase, office floor, etc.

10. You get so lost in the zone of writing, you forget to eat. Or you love to eat while lost in the zone of writing. Eating and drinking help fuel the writing.