The Mystical World of Trees: They Love, Nurture and Communicate

We all have one, that favorite tree where we confide our life-long dreams. But do they hear our words? And do they have feelings? Delve deep inside The Mystical World of Trees and discover how they breathe, think and communicate. Beneath the earth there’s brain activity among the roots as they search for nutrients and share their bounty with young and old. And it is there science has found trees experience pain and have memories.

The term family tree has taken on a whole new meaning; the trees themselves have family members, children whom they pass down generations of knowledge. And there is an intricate balance of life between man and tree. Forests mimic much what we desire, to live, propagate and provide for others. They clean our air, a vital element in the world’s ecosystem and provide water to forests hundreds of miles away. In the Fate of the Forest chapter, we learn the effect of mass urbanization, the changing climate and how our forests are fighting back.

Researchers from all over the world are bringing forth evidence in the symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. Yes, trees do talk to us, but a silent accord that brings peace and tranquility. Discover the healing power of nature, proof in both science and personal anecdotes; just a walk through a park lowers stress and boosts mental health. The frontal lobes of the brain relax and the scent of pine trees strengthens the immune system.

A book on trees wouldn’t be complete without words of wisdom from environmental legends of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and Ansel Adams. Inspired by their work, Burst includes personal essays and photographs in her discovery of the natural world.

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy, from blockbuster books to film and television adaptations, creatives across the world bring to life the mystical magic of trees. We’ll step inside scenes of The Narnia Chronicles, Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones. And to top things off, a fairy tale comes true with the discovery of a buried treasure, an ancient forest at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

This book is dedicated to those who seek answers, to the soldiers who fight to save nature’s kingdom, and to you, the messenger who carries the soulful spirit that lives inside every tree.

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